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OPM for Project Owners

Product Overview

Justwin management software for engineering investment is a synthetical platform for multilateral collaborators in engineering investment area. Our product is designed to help infrastructure managers with project portfolio management and multilaterally-collaborative tasks. It serves as a highly intellectualized platform integrated with business tasks from different sectors in the supply chain, from designers, builders, supervisors to suppliers.

1.1.1 Design Methodology

One synergic platform

A multilateral synergic platform shared by investors, builders, supervisors, designers and suppliers.

Justwin software establishes a core information platform that covers the whole project life cycle, providing every benefit-relevant team with overall management functions. Through Justwin System, project message can be delivered and addressed timely in a precise way among different roles,such as investors, project managers, consultancies, designers, constructors, supervisors and operators. With the “Internet plus project management” method, Justwin software enables various spatially-apart projects to transcend the constraints of space as well as organizational boundaries and function together.

On one hand, the system delivers investment and construction information to each level of management immediately, helping leaders to get a full picture of the project investment and implement state, and save management cost.

On the other hand, our system assists leaders to manage financial and schedule risks in the key link before it’s too late, by means of standard workflow models, data recording, and online application-approval.

Double main lines of control

Cost and schedule as the dual parallel control indicators.

There is a direct relationship between the investment amount and progress of the project. In general, the cumulative expenditure depends proportionally on the progress or speed of a project. However, we will never really foresee the accurate cost trend and progress state simply by measuring the cost consumption, unless progress (lag or advance?) and cost (remnant or overrun?) are taken into account. Therefore, in order to control cost effectively, it is necessary to monitor and compare expenditure with project progress from time to time.

Theoretically, double lines of control use the Earned Value Analysis method to measure project progess, which means representing the work performed with currency. It emphasizes the work performed instead of the money spent, directing practitioners to focus on the right indicators to be monitored.

Three dashboards

The instrument panels are embedded with dynamic KPI index, in which data from those completed projects will be archived into information history, the past information of investment project, calculate and predict the future information through mathematical model, automatically summarize the internal information and mine the external information from the Internet.According to these indicators, managers judge the merits and demerits of the current investment projects, and adjust the business tactics of the investment in a timely manner.

Four early warning systems

Four early warning systems of Justwin investment engineering management software: time-out early warning system, overexpenditure early warning system, overtime early warning system, and out-of-limit / over-standard early-warning system.

Four early warning methods: WeChat prompt, APP prompt, SMS prompt on mobile phone, bubble prompt on computer end.

Such as: advance delay warning, cost overexpenditure warning, contract change and visa warning, payment over-settlement warning, material purchase time warning, purchasing over-budget warning, current work warning, safety warning, quality warning, and so on. A variety of early warning mechanisms will be concentrated on a single platform, turning passivity into initiative.

Five budget analysis systems

investment estimation, design estimate, construction drawing budget, process settlement and final account of completion.

The budget of the previous stage will be the target of the cost control in the later stage, and the budget of the previous stage will be the target of the cost control in the later stage. It covers the key cost data points in the whole process of project investment and construction, and realizes the comparative analysis of five calculations and the analysis of winning value.

"Internet +" connects everything.

Justwin software adopts "Internet +" cooperative work modeI to investment engineering; "Internet +" in the investment project construction, is not simply the addition of the two, but the use of information and communications technology and Internet platform, let the Internet and engineering construction deep integration, produce chemical reactions to create a new development ecology.

Using the "Internet + APP+ Investment Project" model, we will apply for approval of the investment project for construction, design, procurement, construction site, project command, and enterprise headquarters through Justwin APP. We will defuse the links that have restricted innovation in investment engineering management in the past, connect the isolated project departments, let the project site drive various functions, and transform investment companies and command departments from top to bottom into service-oriented departments. All the work is going on for the project.

Theoretical Basis

Project remote collaboration theory

With the continuous expansion of the investment scale, the shortening of the construction cycle and the internationalization of the project, the integration and real-time control ability of the owner's investor to the whole life cycle of the project is the key to the success or failure of the project.

To establish a core "Internet +" platform covering the whole life cycle of the project, the full management function of the project, and the full stakeholders of the project. Based on the core "Internet +" platform, a multi-party cooperation platform between the owner and the investor, the project manager, the contractor, the consultant, the designer, the construction party, the supervisor, and the operator is established. Based on the common core value and goal of the project, the participants in the project construction all over the world carry out the project construction and management across the traditional space-time and organizational boundaries with the aid of the advanced "Internet +". The theory of project remote collaboration has been applied to the field of project management, such as project collaborative design, project bidding and procurement, project knowledge management and so on, which has given birth to many famous B2B and O2O models.

At present, Justwin software has been successfully applied in the construction management of many large-scale investment projects. For example: Zhengda Group, for large projects with more than 100 sub-projects in the world, About 1000 project participants provide information exchange and collaboration services such as project schedule, cost, payment, settlement, project meeting and project documentation at any time and anywhere in the world, forming a "Internet + Project Management" collaboration platform.

Project common core value theory

The theory of common core value of project is also called the basis of common value of project. Its core idea is that the relationship between supply and demand should not only be based on the traditional engineering measurement and contract terms. Instead, it should be based on the shared vision of the project, which is the foundation of the common and core value of the project.

According to the traditional project theory, there must be conflicts of interest between the investor and the construction unit, between the construction unit and the sub-contractor, between the contractor and the supervisor, and so on. In a globalized and customer-driven economic environment, for each project, all project-building participants can find a common core value foundation that is more important than economic value: faster delivery of projects to project end-users, Work together to create greater value for the final users of the project, create harmonious architectural and cultural works between man and nature, and so on. Based on these core values, between the owner and the contractor, between the contractor and the subcontractor, The dominant relationship between project builders and government regulators is not based on the competitive relationship of contract and FDIC terms, but on the basis of common value. The core value theory of the project determines a new value concept for the cooperation between the enterprises in the construction of the project, and also provides the ideological value basis for the establishment and use of the unified project information platform by the project-centered, project stakeholders.

MFDR Index Evaluation Model Theory

The software adopts MFDR model to track the process and evaluate the result of construction, design, supervision, construction and supplier according to the actual progress and cost of the project.

MFDR (Managing for Development Results) is an innovative strategy adopted by the major policy banks in the world, including the International Economic Cooperation Organization, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, ASEAN, Belt and Road Strategy of China, to manage investment projects.

During the construction of large-scale investment projects, both the investor and the management are keenly aware that in order to obtain a more effective result of the construction of the investment project, it is necessary to build on the basis of "Internet +". Put the actual progress, actual cost and other results in the center of the project plan, construction site and project process evaluation; In order to consolidate the determined progress plan, investors, managers, PPP and EPC parties need stronger project planning, controllable management, statistics, monitoring and evaluation; The cooperative relationship among the builders, supervisors, designers and suppliers needs to deal with the project plan, the challenges and process optimization faced by the actual achievements of each stage, such as visa during the process, design change, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the multi-party monitoring, coordination and evaluation system, and rely on the multi-party cooperation platform to track the process and evaluate the results.

MFDR is a very diversified concept. As a management tool, MFDR is a theory, model and method of performance monitoring and evaluation, which will be widely used in national public investment institutions and international development organizations. To implement national plans, national strategies, sector plans and specific projects.

Project master control theory

At present, based on the project general control theory, many large-scale investment project headquarters, PPP, EPC, BOT\ BT, PMC type projects, have set up similar to the "General Control Department (Office)" this plan and assessment institutions.Project master control theory originated from German professor Peter Greiner as the core of the project management practice experts put forward a new generation of project information processing strategic structure and scale namely the project master control (Project Controlling) theory and the corresponding project organization model. The essence of the project master control refers to the real-time master control of the project owner's investor and the management side to the process information of the project participating units. It is a great innovation to the traditional project general contract organization mode and thought.

The project master control organization mode based on the idea of project master control is the inheritance and development of the traditional project supervision mode, which is different from the traditional project organization management mode. The master control mode strengthens the dynamic supervision of the project process by the owner and the manager. This idea has been applied to the practice of government supervision of public projects in the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries, and has become an important theoretical basis for the supervision information system of government investment projects.

It is not only a strategic structure of project information processing, but also an organizational model and management flow of project management under the condition of "Internet +" to realize the real-time master control of the owner's investment project through the general control of engineering information. It is the application and innovation of modern information technology and mobile APP technology in the field of engineering project management. In turn, it provides a theoretical basis for the standardization and cooperation of investment project management. After more than ten years of theoretical research and practical discussion, at present, the domestic project master control (Project Controlling) theory has been very mature.

Product Framework

Justwin investment engineering management software is a comprehensive multi-party cooperation platform suitable for the field of engineering investment. The software can not only be applied to multi-project portfolio management such as investor, builder, agent, EPC, PPP, BOT\ BT, but also can be extended into a multi-party cooperative operating platform. Integration of design units, construction units, supervision units, suppliers and other industrial chain of different enterprises in the business cooperation process operations, to build a solid investment engineering information platform.

Following the idea of PMBOK, the whole system not only realizes a series of application function modules, such as design, purchase, construction, cost, schedule, contract, payment and settlement, quality, safety, completion settlement, etc. Moreover, BIM software, engineering cost software, financial software, electronic signature, electronic seal, OA, ERP, HR and other heterogeneous systems are built-in interface according to the requirements of national standards to meet the business process and data integration requirements of the continuous development of enterprises.

In addition to a series of application function modules, the software also provides a series of mobile applications to achieve mobile APP, WeChat, nail, video surveillance and other mobile technical functions. Help enterprises to achieve strong mobile data processing capabilities and mobile application integration expansion, quickly establish an enterprise-level "Internet +" platform with the core of investment engineering project management, and build an efficient information chain and resource planning system for enterprises. To realize enterprise business integration and high-efficiency co-operation, to promote the continuous management of enterprises to improve.

Business Process

Core Functions

Mobile APP

Justwin APP solves the problems of construction site management of investment projects in an all-round way: to realize image progress, engineering measurement, payment application, labor employment, material procurement, project inspection, work contact list, negotiation list, design change, visa, and so on. Quality, safety, site acceptance, construction weekly report, monthly report, construction log, project award and punishment, project meeting and other on-site affairs collection, reporting, reminding, early warning and analysis work.

roject Kanban: reflect the current progress of the project, cost, site situation; early warning project anomalies (such as: schedule delay, cost overexpenditure, on-site situation, payment settlement issues, etc.).Pre-trial Office early warning: push, remind and approve the work at any time and anywhere, and realize approval and audit work on the mobile terminal;Justwin WeChat version, nail plate: Justwin APP supports deep embedding of WeChat, nail, mobile office without APP, pending review, approval, WeChat reminder and approval, nail reminder and approval, etc.

Management dashboard

The management cockpit of Justwin software is to display the engineering indexes intuitively in the way of instrument panel, and to support the "drill-and-pull" query, so as to realize the layer-by-layer refinement and deepening analysis of the indexes. Through the detailed index system, real-time reflect the operation status of the enterprise, the collected data will be visualized, intuitive, specific.

The management cockpit provides "one-stop" (One-Stop) decision support management for investments provided by senior management. It is in the form of cockpit, through various common charts (color block, speedometer, sound column, early warning radar, radar ball) image to indicate the key indicators of the operation of the enterprise (KPI), intuitive monitoring of the operation of the enterprise. And it can be used for early warning and mining analysis of abnormal key indicators.

In management, it is not possible to use a data to reflect a management indicator. For example, the investment completion status of a project is not enough only by looking at the payment data for projects or the contract settlement data. It must also require a multi-dimensional synthesis of the amount of measurement of the project, the amount of outstanding payment, and the amount of change in the design of the visa. It reflects whether the progress of the investment project is optimal, general or dangerous. In the Management Dashboard, each managed metric is represented by multiple views that are logically associated.

Rich index system

The management cockpit system provides more than 100 indicators, almost covering all the business links of the investment project. The specific index system includes: pre-period, design, budget, procurement, supply, construction, progress, quality, safety, human resources, engineering information, completion settlement, asset consolidation, post-evaluation and so on more than ten components.

Visual display system

Through the intuitive graphics, the data collected from the construction site is displayed. And can freely switch between a variety of graphic modes. The system can indicate the range of values of each index, such as good, normal, dangerous, etc., and use different colors to distinguish a more intuitive image.Timeliness and authenticity of data.

The data collection is provided by construction, supervision and design through the multi-party cooperation platform of Justwin OPM system. It has absolute authenticity and effectiveness. Therefore, the management cockpit can truly reflect the current business situation of the enterprise. To provide a strong basis for decision-making.

Integrated planning

Integrated planning management is to construct the basic data system of investment engineering project management system, and to establish a data supporting environment with the core of research, project basic information base, engineering structure, project organization, project master control list, cost elements and so on.

The system runs through every link of a project from the early stage to the completion of the project in a unified, intuitive and aggregated manner, so that managers can immediately grasp the progress of the project and the problems identified. And control the key nodes and processes in the project. Ensure progress, cost, quality, safety control.

The aggregated information is presented in a centralized interface, including:

Project basic information, project site information

Project BOM list

Overall project progress;

Monthly construction;

Human resources allocation, personnel use, staff changes, production progress, design progress, procurement progress, project construction progress, etc.

Tender, contract signing, settlement, payment, etc

Filing of project delivery and completion data

Project budget, cost, funding, etc.

Prophase management

The pre-project management includes the control of the whole project management from the source of the project life cycle. Including pre-feasibility study report, project proposal, project feasibility study report, engineering preliminary design, construction drawing design, land requisition and demolition, land house warrant, planning, construction, environmental protection, Handling (declaration, follow-up, coordination, etc.) and results of preliminary work, such as labour safety, health, and examination and approval of the industry, And related special research results (such as labor safety and health, etc.) compilation, expert evaluation and industry department opinions and so on.

The pre-management meets the guidance and monitoring of all kinds of procedures for application for approval and construction: the system supports real-time inquiry on the processing process of each document and the current status of the document processing, and allows the addition of text notes, attachments and annotations. Members of the company can communicate and communicate in real time through the system.

The progress of the pre-work of the project is reflected by flow chart and other intuitive forms. For the pre-process schedule automatically generated by the system, the schedule should be set to be manually adjusted so that the work schedule can be adjusted according to the actual situation at any time.

According to different project types, you can set up pre-work templates, guide the project management, host, audit and other related personnel, customize the process of handling each document, and quote, guide and adjust the project when setting up the project.

You can automatically remind the responsible person to finish the work in time according to the time limit and logical relationship of the pre-work.

Land requisition and removal

Through the establishment of land expropriation and relocation compensation business database and GIS database, the information management of relevant data, documents and GIS graphics of land expropriation and relocation can be realized, and timely and accurate information can be provided for land expropriation and relocation work. Provide data support for project land requisition and demolition management, decision-making and related departments analysis and decision-making.

The land expropriation and relocation management system is based on the data of land expropriation and relocation, realizes the integration of business processes, and carries on the comprehensive information management to the daily office. The data of land expropriation and demolition can be shared in resources, and each functional department can inquire at any time, count the working status of the department, print the relevant statistical reports, and change the situation that the former data of requisition and relocation need to be counted, perfected and reported on a layer by layer. Avoid duplication of work, greatly save manpower and material resources, improve work efficiency. The management and decision-making level can keep abreast of the work situation of project recruitment and make scientific decision-making at any time.

Design management

The design management is the leader in the investment project management, is the foundation of the whole project construction and construction operation, and supports the access of BIM software. The software provides a complete set of operation flow and management platform for the design process from the aspects of the assignment of design task, limit design control, drawing review, design presentation, design change, design progress, design dynamic report and design document management, etc. To establish the working system of the construction investor, the design unit, the project general contract, the construction general contract and the project supervision in coordination and information communication, and to combine closely with the cost control and the schedule control at the same time. It forms the management of engineering cost and the control of design cost in the design process, and strictly manages the engineering change and design drawing change, which lays a good foundation for the whole project construction and construction process.

Contract planning

For investment projects and real estate development projects, all major economic activities are based on contracts. Therefore, many investment engineering units, high-tech industrial parks and real estate enterprises began to introduce contract planning management. As a bridge between project budget and contract management.

Because contract planning plays a connecting role between project budget and contract management, it belongs to the central hub of cost control, and is an important means to realize the landing of power and responsibility and cost control.

Guidance for subsequent tendering through contract planning.In the case that the overall budget of the project has been clearly defined, exactly how many contracts need to be signed in the project development process and how much need to be solicited for procurement? If there is no clear planning, the implementation of the project can lead to disorder and difficult to make decisions. We introduce contract planning management, within the scope of the project budget, based on cost estimates, professional cost consulting organizations or historical cost data precipitation, planning ahead of time the project needs to sign the contract, Define the contract relationship and contract scope, so that procurement bidding and contract signing work can be carried out in a more orderly manner.

Guide the preparation of the fund plan, clarify the funding requirements and funding costs

Prior to the lack of contract planning, the finance department or cost department in the preparation of the entire project funding plan, is basically the head-to-head, the accuracy of the capital plan is low. After the contract planning, according to the results of prior planning, combined with the requirements of standard contract payment method, combined with the project development plan, a relatively accurate funding plan can be drawn up. This will have a bright feeling for the financial staff.

Contract planning clear contract amount, effective pre-cost control.Under the system of project cost control by account, if three contracts are required to be signed under a certain account, it is possible that the amount of the first two contracts has exceeded the expected amount, but because the total cost of the account has not been exceeded, The excess was not detected until the third contract was signed, when it was too late to implement cost control. Therefore, within the scope of the project budget, we define the expected amount of a single contract through contract planning, and compare and control the cost amount at the time of signing each contract to achieve effective cost control.

Bidding management

What the Internet brings to people is a means to move the Earth, not to transform the Earth itself.

"Internet + bidding" is currently the most convenient communication tool, investment projects, with the current situation of the Chinese engineering industry, a large number of transactions still need to be carried out offline, it is impossible to complete on-line completion. So, when it comes to investment engineering, how do we make use of B2B and O2O tools to become winners in the Internet age?

Based on B2B, O2O and mobile APP, the online solution of bidding, bid evaluation and bid calibration is put forward in Justwin tendering and bidding system based on the specific problems faced by investment engineering tendering and bidding, and based on B2B, O2O and mobile tendering.

On-line B2B investment projects involve various types of tendering, such as design, consultation, procurement, construction, supervision, etc. The system is based on the overall planning or contract planning and design estimates of the project. Through the system to draw up the tender plan, issue the tender information, manage the bidding process and evaluate the bid; Bidders can easily obtain all kinds of documents of the tenderers through the bidding portal and mobile APP of the tenderers.

Bid management B2B O2O, flexible mode switching

Suppliers and contractors may send bids online or offline to tenderers, namely: online registration, online pre-qualification, online answering of questions, online bidding quotations … In the whole bidding process, the system strictly manages the bidding process and bidding data, and uses U-shield encryption in the security level to reach the security level of "net silver". Users can choose to use a business-to-business (B2B) model that is pure online, or an O2O mode that combines online and offline.

Bid evaluation will be conducted online and offline.

According to the bid opening time set by the tenderer, the commercial, economic and technical bid will be reviewed and graded online. According to the result of the evaluation meeting, the bid will be calibrated on-line.Bid evaluation experts can carry out remote and multi-aspects comprehensive online bid evaluation, decide the final bidder and publish the winning information on the Internet. The system of bidding management has powerful network cooperative operation function, supports a variety of bidding, bid evaluation, bid opening methods, has strict bidding process management and rigorous security management system, can prevent bidding information leakage. Prevent the dark box operation, ensure the fair, fair and open bidding and evaluation work, reduce the cost of bidding, improve the efficiency of bidding work.

Bid winning management

According to the result of bid calibration, the system automatically sends out the notice of winning bid, which can be delivered synchronously on the bidding party's official website, e-mail notification, fax notification, WeChat official account notice, micro-official website notification and so on at the same time.

Investment control

The function of investment control runs through the whole process of project construction cost control. According to the characteristics and professional requirements of investment engineering, multi-specialty and multi-level flexible setting of cost control stage and cost control project; Through the cost comparison of each stage, it is clear which sub-project the cost change occurs in, the reason, the basis, the quantity of the project and the cost and other detailed information. In the process of engineering construction, strict control, accounting, final accounts and dynamic monitoring of cost occurrence and cost change are carried out, and the cost comparison reports of each stage are formed.

Investment control is one of the main objectives of Justwin Investment Project Management system. The system carries on the unified management from the project investment estimate, the design estimate, the construction drawing budget, the contract price, the actual payment amount to the final account of completion. In order to realize each stage investment target value and the actual value contrast analysis and so on; From the investment estimate, the design estimate, the construction drawing budget (contract budget), the completion settlement, the actual payment this 5 stages control, the previous stage budget will be the later stage cost control goal, Key cost data points covering the entire process of project investment, as shown in the following figure:

The capital plan in the decision-making stage of the project is the investment and financing plan of the project, including the capital system of the project, the channels and ways of raising funds, the capital cost and the capital structure, the characteristics, procedures and main ways of the project financing, and so on.

The fund plan for the prior phase of the project is the plan for the use of the prior period expenses of the project. It includes, but is not limited to, the following aspects: project proposal and preparation fee, land use and removal fee, sea area use certificate fee, survey and design fee, research and experiment fee, tender fee, consulting service fee and various administrative fees, etc.

The fund plan in the project implementation stage is to arrange the fund use plan according to the construction organization design, and monitor the construction progress through regular engineering measurement and payment, and deal with the project change in time, so as to effectively control the project progress and the project cost.

Investment estimation

It refers to the project proposal stage, the feasibility study stage to the construction project cost forecast, it should consider a variety of possible needs, risks, price increases and other factors, to cut the amount of investment, do not leave a gap, appropriate leeway. The investment estimation is the "leader" of the whole process management of the project cost, it is very important to grasp this "faucet", it is mainly based on the estimated index, the estimated index or the pre-and final account data of the similar project.

Design budget estimateIt refers to the project cost document prepared by the design unit in the initial design phase of the project to determine the amount of investment or cost required for the construction of the proposed capital construction project, which is an important part of the design document. It is the cost calculation of the construction project cost that has the orientation nature, the design budget estimate cannot break through the investment estimate.

It refers to the project cost document prepared by the design unit in the initial design phase of the project to determine the amount of investment or cost required for the construction of the proposed capital construction project, which is an important part of the design document. It is the cost calculation of the construction project cost that has the orientation nature, the design budget estimate cannot break through the investment estimate.

Construction drawing budget

Also known as the contract budget, it means that during the construction plan audit phase, Documents for calculating the amount of investment required for each project in accordance with construction drawings, construction organization designs, budget quotas and rules for the calculation of engineering quantities promulgated by the State, regional material budget prices, construction management fee standards, planned profit margins and taxes, etc., It should be prepared under the control of the approved audit estimate. Its main function is to determine the unit project cost, which is the basis for assessing the economic rationality of the construction drawing design. Generally, the "contract budget" of the project unit won the bid as the construction drawing budget.

Completion (final) calculation

The amount of final examination and approval of the project undertaken by the construction unit and the construction unit; After the completion of the construction project, the technical and economic documents, which are submitted by the construction unit and audited and approved by the construction unit, are the important links of the construction investment management and the important basis for asset consolidation in the stage of project completion and acceptance.

Can be seen from the relationship between the construction cost and the budget of the above-mentioned stages that the estimation, estimate, budget and settlement of the investment project, the establishment of an investment and construction project, and the determination and control of the capital construction investment, To carry out the economic management of capital construction and economic accounting of construction enterprises, and then to the fixed assets of the project, they run through the whole process of capital construction with the form of value. Among them the design estimate, the construction drawing budget and the completion settlement, which are commonly called the "three calculations" of the capital construction, are the important contents of the construction investment project outline and budget, and the three are organically linked, which are indispensable to each other. The budget estimates should be drawn up in the design phase, the construction drawings budget should be drawn up in the construction phase, and the settlement should be drawn up in the completion stage; In general, the calculated amount of construction drawings cannot exceed the budget amount of construction drawings, the budget of construction drawings cannot exceed the budget estimates of design, and the budget estimates of design cannot exceed estimates, which also provides a way of thinking for the investment management of construction units.

Therefore, the essence of investment control is to refine the investment step by step, to control the investment in advance through forecasting, planning and decision-making, to control the cost in the event through control and accounting, and to control the investment afterwards through analysis. In the whole project implementation process, investment control forms a closed loop and is repeatedly used in it, and carries on the summary of all kinds of investments at any time to provide reliable and timely data support for project managers and decision makers. Strengthen the dynamic real-time control of investment, complete record the track of project investment execution, provide a reference for the follow-up projects.

Contract management

Contract is the most important control document of the project, and it is also the basis document to contact the interests of all parties of the project. It is also linked to the interests of the construction investor, the designer, the supervision, the contractor, the supplier and so on. Each business is carried out with the participation of many parties, departments and posts. The Justwin contract management system is brought into scientific and standardized management from the whole process of contract formulation, contract evaluation, contract signing, contract settlement, contract payment, contract change, engineering measurement, termination and settlement of disputes, etc. And the contract liability is defined, the contract execution process is analyzed, the possible risks are early-warning, so as to improve the management efficiency and quality of the contract, and track the contract execution throughout the process.

Contract management throughout the life cycle: not only has the contract creation, the contract change, the advance settlement, the contract collection payment, the contract desk account, the fund desk account and so on the project contract business processing detail, Moreover, it also provides value-added functions such as contract evaluation, contract early warning, qualified supplier management, qualified sub-contractor management and so on. At the same time, assist the user to review the four main points of the contract: legal terms, unit prices, and other technical terms.

Two lines of income and expenditure, fund dynamic monitoring (applicable to EPC/PPP/): in order to collect and settle expenses, the revenue contract of the same project should be greater than the total amount of the expenditure contract. The contract must have an investment budget as a basis for control. According to the basis of enterprise management, according to the total budget and unit price, we can control the signing of the contract from the point of view of funds, and can also control the execution of the contract and the information of the capital flow generated during the execution of the contract. For example, every collection, payment and so on are summed up in the current accounts of funds, to achieve dynamic monitoring of funds.

Heavy settlement, light payment: the focus of the management of the entire contract system is to focus on the control and control of settlement, the actual amount of payment cannot be greater than the amount of settlement of the contract, and the amount of settlement cannot be greater than the amount of the contract. The amount of the contract must be in line with the budgeted amount of the corresponding sub-item.

Contract early warning: automatic warning for abnormal situations. For example: the total amount of expenditure contract is greater than the total amount of income contract warning, contract amount exceeded budget warning, payment excess settlement warning, settlement excess contract amount warning, change warning and so on.

Statistical analysis: the system provides a multi-angle and multi-level contract statistical analysis report to meet the needs of contract monitoring and contract risk control.

Fund management

According to the overall progress plan and the target cost (or contract planning), the system prepares the project total fund plan and the annual / quarterly / monthly fund use plan, carries on the fund raising management, sets the fund expenditure approval and the quota control, Explain and document the basis or process of each funding plan and change, use and manage project funds scientifically and systematically. The system helps enterprises to formulate a scientific fund plan to provide a foundation for the smooth development of all aspects of the project construction. At the same time, the system can fully grasp the situation of funds in place and expenditure, provide the status of project funds at any time, help owners effectively achieve the balance of funds, reduce the risk and cost of the project.

Construction site management

As a construction investor, the site construction management is relatively complex, and must be strictly monitored from the aspects of construction progress, construction technology, construction materials, quality, safety, and so on. In order to ensure that the project to achieve quality, progress, civilized construction and other indicators, timely quality assurance to complete the construction tasks.

Site management, with progress management as the main line, large-scale use of Justwin mobile APP, WeChat site version, in-depth combination of mobile users to facilitate on-site collection of all kinds of data (pictures, video, GPS positioning, timely exchange of information and broadcast release, etc.) characteristics. Perfect integration of mobile APP and computer to form a new mobile management experience of measurement payment, image progress, quality, inspection, design, visa, site acceptance, engineering report, construction log and site data.

(1) pending review process: anytime, anywhere, through mobile phone APP, to approve all the content;

(2) to-do reminders: to-do, to-read, to-deal with real-time reminders, support to push to the WeChat reminder.

(3) Project Kanban: the current cost, schedule, quality, safety, settlement and payment of all projects are clear at a glance.

(4) Project map: GPS positioning technology is used to mark the location of the project on the high-definition map, such as current progress, cost, quality, safety, on-the-spot picture, construction situation and so on.

(5) Image progress: combined with mobile APP, the construction site photography and video directly feel the progress of the construction site, such as text description, digital percentage progress, to form the overall image progress and sub-project image progress.

(6) Labor employment: unifying the number of labor contract and carrying out real-name management and integration; it can realize on-the-spot check-in attendance and GPS positioning attendance of labor workers. The basic information data collection mode of labor force can support manual input, ID card information reading and Excel data import, and it can also be directly imported from the integrated business system to brush the ID card, and so on.

(7) Project inspection: support the hierarchical inspection system, such as: project internal inspection and company inspection; support all kinds of inspection contents, such as progress, technical management, safety and civilization construction, quality inspection, etc.; After the inspection, the inspection report shall be formed automatically, submitted automatically to the leaders for examination and approval, and sent to the relevant units for examination and approval.

(8) Project contact list: a letter of request may be considered as a request for something, a measure, a change or replacement, etc., in the course of the construction of the project.

(9) Project visa: a visa other than a drawing or contract may be found during the completion of the construction on the mobile terminal;

(10) Engineering changes: individual modifications made by the design institute or the owner's investor to the drawings after the examination;

(11) Project negotiations:

1. Negotiation of the change of works and the price of visas, materials, labor outside the contract, etc.;

2. Other negotiations on construction, technical, etc.

(12)Engineering metering sheets:

1. Signature of the agreed amount of work completed;

2. Signature and approval of covert and extra-contract part of the work quantity.

(13) Project measurement shall generally be based on the bill of quantities, and shall be reported by the construction unit to the actual completion amount, and shall be subject to supervision and examination, subject to the supervision batch and submitted to the construction party for verification; engineering measurement shall be the basis for payment of the application.

(14) Application for payment: according to the measurement form and contract approved by the project, the application for the payment of the project shall be made.

(15) Quality inspection: the frequency and content of periodic inspection of project quality are determined by the inspectors according to the operation of the project as a whole and the implementation of specific projects, and the inspection method supports the combination of company inspection and self-examination of the project department; Check the process and results directly into the mobile APP quality inspection system.

(16) Safety inspections: support for regular inspections, daily itinerant inspections, seasonal and holiday inspections, self-check and hand-over checks for teams and teams.

(17) Design management: support mobile APP for the preparation, approval and delivery of design tasks, design plans, meetings and reviews of drawings, etc.

(18) Purchase plan: support on-site project department to submit material requirement plan and material purchase plan directly through APP, WeChat.

(19) On-site receipt management: when materials arrive, support mobile phone APP inspection and receipt.

(20) Construction weekly report: as part of the construction schedule control, the construction unit reports to the supervision, the construction party, the PPP party or Party A, mainly this week's phenomenon progress and next week's work arrangement; It is an important basis for Party A and supervision to control the construction period of this project. The weekly report of construction is suitable for projects with tight construction period.

(21) Monthly construction report: it is presided over by the project manager (or technical person in charge), with the participation of each project management engineer, and refers to the summary of the construction data of the whole month after being sorted and compiled by the designated person responsible for the preparation.

(22) Construction log: adopting the mode of daily filling in, discontinuous reminding, unable to delete and modify at will; the main contents include: the climate and meteorological conditions of the day; the part of the construction project on the same day, the image progress and the amount of completion; The special situation in the construction of the same day; the record of the construction defects found on the same day and the correction situation and the results of the treatment; the inspection and acceptance of the concealed works; the situation of the construction team; the supply of materials, finished products and semi-finished products; Other matters considered necessary (including meetings for projects, Party A, supervision, design, and social connections, etc.). Let you know every day of the construction site of the image progress, labor, materials, mechanical conditions like the palm of the hand.

(23) Project awards and penalties: the awards and penalties on the construction site mainly include civilized construction, safe production, administrative penalties, material deductions, and so on.

(24) Project meetings: records and management of various project meetings, such as: project initiation meetings, project status review meetings, project problem resolution meetings, project technical review meetings, etc., As an effective part of the completed handover data.

(25) Management of reserve funds: the internal banking function of mobile phone is realized, and the financial functions such as borrowing, repayment, reimbursement, statistics, analysis, early warning and other financial functions are directly carried out from the unit finance.

1.2.13 Schedule managemen

Milestone management

Milestone plans are generally divided into management and activity levels. Milestones are significant events in the project, not resources in the project process, is a point in time, usually refers to the completion of a affordable result. The construction process tablet management is to control the progress of the project work and ensure the achievement of the overall goal by establishing milestones and checking the arrival of each milestone.

Schedule plan

The system supports the three-level plan control system of "master control plan-construction plan-quarterly and monthly plan", which is led by Party A and investor, assisted by supervision and participated by professional contractor.

Through multi-party participation in the planning process, the system establishes a perfect project plan; And through the planning, plan tracking, plan optimization, actual progress reporting, plan inspection, plan adjustment, plan update cycle process, to ensure that the plan is effective.In order to make the plan schedule, measurement payment and investment forecast unified and dynamic management, the system established the relationship between the bill of quantities and WBS, the list and the investment estimate. In the image progress, the system automatically analyzes the project dynamic investment, contract payment, actual progress. This solves the problem that the project data can not be unified because the basic data are not related to each other, and there is a big gap in the statistical results of each department.

Schedule early warning system; if the project is delayed, the system will automatically pass APP, WeChat, short message automatically prompt delay warning and site situation.

Support construction site PAD, projection, touch screen, electronic large screen projection display site construction progress and related situation.

System Features:

It has the function of establishing and maintaining the target version and keeping the current plan as the target version.

Have the function of combining the main goals (schedule, resources, costs) with the project plan;

A project can have the ability to compare multiple target items;

Has the target monitoring value setting, the periodic monitoring function;

It has the function of warning and reminding, which is easy to implement the exceptional management of the plan;

Key target information can be summarized layer by layer;

Summary of responsibilities, recent schedule;

Summary of the completion of the project plan; Summary data include: current completion, cumulative completion, plan requirements completion, margin from the target plan (expected margin due to change, design, plan revision, etc.) and progress trends;

Dynamic monitoring of project plan differences;

Rich real-time report and dynamic query ability;

It has the function of process experience accumulation and knowledge management.

System support with PROJECT, P3/P6 import and export interface, can be used for construction log management. And the payment milestone work package is associated with the contract settlement plan, and the payment is automatically alerted once the milestone work package is completed in order to improve the efficiency of the operation of the funds.

Procurement management

The material cost is the most important part in the supply chain activities of the material management enterprises. Therefore, the material cost is an important part of the project cost control. Through the purchase of materials, the enterprise obtains the construction and operation materials from the upstream partners, guarantees the construction and management needs of the enterprise, and supports the sustainable operation of the enterprise. Justwin material management system from the perspective of centralized procurement management for enterprises to provide a good management platform for enterprise procurement activities to help enterprises to establish a comprehensive management system around procurement activities.

Irtual warehouse: refers to the use of computer and network technology, the integration of scattered, geographically diverse physical warehouses on the region, Form a temporary material storage and control organization with unified output, storage, allocation management and process management, which can achieve effective scheduling and unified management of materials in different states, spaces and times;

Non-independent accounting warehouse: also called sub-bank, non-independent accounting warehouse must belong to a general repository, non-independent accounting warehouse can only account for the quantity.Independent accounting warehouse: that is, accounting quantity and accounting amount of warehouse, this system, suitable for decentralized procurement mode.

Only accounting quantity warehouse: also called A supply warehouse, generally used in entrusted processing business, supplied by Party A (owner) materials; only accounting quantity warehouse is different from non-independent accounting warehouse, more independent, can not correspond to the virtual master library.

The process of material management is as follows: the purchase plan comes from the demand plan, the purchase order comes from the purchase plan; the stock entry comes from the purchase order, and the delivery order comes from the inventory and the stock entry order, as shown in the following figure:

Different materials, centralized procurement management requirements are different, the bulk of raw materials, fixed assets and other high-value materials generally adopt centralized management mode, administrative items, low-value consumables and so on generally take the mode of authorizing their own procurement. Generally speaking, the business of enterprise procurement can be abstracted into four modes:

Model A1: centralized procurement, decentralized receipt, separate settlement, and respective use

A2 mode: centralized procurement, centralized receipt, centralized settlement, internal allocation

A3 mode: centralized procurement, decentralized receipt, centralized settlement, internal collection and payment

B1 model: decentralized procurement, decentralized receipt, separate settlement, respective use

Characteristics of Justwin procurement system:

According to the management method of the enterprise, the material management system sets the purchasing management attribute in advance in the basic data, prescribes the location and the flow direction of the data, and flexibly satisfies the increasing information management mode of the enterprise.

Standardize, coordinate and optimize the enterprise procurement business processing process, improve the efficiency of procurement work. To support the management of the procurement business from demand planning, procurement plan, order, warehousing, receipt of tickets to settlement, and be able to adapt to the actual situation of the enterprise. Flexible configuration of different business types of procurement business processes and approval workflow, to support the change of enterprise procurement business processes;

Support a variety of typical business models: centralized procurement, decentralized procurement, Vendor managed inventory (VMI) procurement, direct transportation, expendable procurement, outsourcing, A supply, etc., can also be based on the needs of the enterprise, Define other business models through process configuration to adapt to different procurement business management in the enterprise;

The principle of separation of quantity and price: to support the necessary separation of demand, pricing, procurement and payment rights, as well as to set up specialized departments responsible for procurement contract management, supplier selection, price determination and so on.

Strengthen supplier management: real-time collection of supplier's historical transaction records, the establishment of practical, advanced model, the supplier from the quality, price, delivery time, service, sustainable improvement and other aspects of scientific evaluation;

Strengthen the purchase price management: the system supports the material quota bank, formulates the purchase guidance price, and directs, controls the execution of the purchase order, thus achieves the goal of reducing the enterprise purchase cost;

To support the management of the procurement business through the reporting of demand plans, procurement plans, purchase orders, receipt of goods, procurement into the warehouse, allocation, inventory and settlement. The source relationship between the documents is shown in the following figure:

Procurement approval process can be configured and defined through workflow to achieve unified management and standardization of approval procedures under each business model, so that enterprises can scientifically control and manage the occurrence of procurement and the outflow of funds.

Qualified supplier management

Management of such information as the internal units, qualified suppliers, qualified subcontractors, construction units (Party A units) of the group.

Special attention is: for the group's internal units, owners units, construction units (Party A unit) and so on do not need to go through the audit process, but for suppliers or subcontractors, it is necessary to pass through the qualified supplier evaluation process.

Through the management of suppliers to achieve the standardization of material procurement process to provide support for the selection of qualified and reliable material suppliers.

Vendor management not only records the basic information of suppliers, but also supports the assessment of qualified suppliers according to the data information provided by purchasing management and bidding management. In this way, it lays a strong foundation for the formation of a strong network of partners with the enterprise as the center.

Depending on the need for confidentiality of information, we can set access to allow or prohibit operators from using or not using this part of the data. The system allows a vendor to correspond to multiple contacts to meet the needs of multiple contacts in the actual business. At the same time, a list of products provided by the supplier can also be drawn up in the supplier profile.The establishment of supplier management system is the basis of the formation of enterprise supply chain. Only the establishment of a true and reliable supplier management system can make the enterprise in the procurement link to optimize. Make the external resources of the enterprise become an integral part of the business ecological chain of the enterprise, and serve the enterprise better.Depending on the need for confidentiality of information, we can set access to allow or prohibit operators from using or not using this part of the data. The system allows a vendor to correspond to multiple contacts to meet the needs of multiple contacts in the actual business. At the same time, a list of products provided by the supplier can also be drawn up in the supplier profile.

In the construction project, the cost of engineering materials and mechanical and electrical equipment accounts for a very high proportion of the total cost of the project, so do a good job in the management of suppliers in the process of implementation of the project. Timely follow-up and evaluation of suppliers' performance is also one of the keys to the realization of "fast, good, and provincial" projects. Performance management mainly includes: supplier performance evaluation and vendor performance evaluation analysis function.

In order to facilitate the management of the company's late procurement, the management company classifies the suppliers, evaluates and analyzes the supplier performance, preserves the historical evaluation results, and forms the supplier performance file. Suppliers that are being supplied are classified according to their performance, divided into formal suppliers, non-qualified suppliers (suppliers with serious defaults, termination of contracts) and decommissioned suppliers (end of contract); Deactivated suppliers can be transferred to the queue of alternate suppliers, while formal suppliers and non-qualified suppliers cannot.

Quality Control

The quality control of investment project realizes the systematic control process from process quality to sub-project quality, sub-project quality and unit engineering quality. Justwin quality management system is based on the latest standards of residential construction department and local government quality supervision stations, including quality standards, quality objectives, quality inspection and evaluation, quality affairs, quality inspection and other aspects of management.

Support mobile phone APP, WeChat on-site quality inspection, quality inspection;

Focus on monitoring quality procedures to support online quality early warning and reminder

Safety management

The safety management system pays attention to process management and provides comprehensive management means for safe production and civilized construction. The system is based on OHSAS18001 (ISO45001) occupational health and safety management and government safety norms. The content covers all aspects of construction site safety management, including safety documents, safety guidance, important hazard sources, safety hidden dangers, special operation certification, safety hidden danger rectification and accident treatment, etc. So as to establish a perfect construction site safety management system.

File management

With the deepening of the reform of the engineering management system in our country, the completeness and standardization of the engineering data are required, which makes the compilation of the technical data of the construction more onerous, and brings some difficulties to the formation and collection of the technical data. In a sense, the management of engineering data is as important as the construction of the project.

Because of the non-detachability of the construction products, it is decided that the data control must be regarded as a means of quality control and carried out in the whole process of the construction of the project, and there are multi-related relationships such as subordinate and subordinate relations, cooperative relations, and constraint relations, and so on. It involves the cooperation and cooperation of various departments, with comprehensive, systematic and diversified management; It is an important basis for reflecting the quality of construction engineering and work quality, and also an important basis for evaluating the quality grade of construction and installation engineering. It is also an important archival material for maintenance, construction, reconstruction and expansion of a unit project in the future.

The operation of the materials strictly according to the authority management, combined with the process examination and approval function, to provide the preparation, receipt and receipt, archiving, lending and tracking of project engineering data management applications, documents that cannot be circulated can not be borrowed, for documents that can be borrowed, Borrowing and restitution require strict registration; Through this system, we can help enterprises to establish a project-based engineering database, archive the project-related data before, during and after the project, so as to improve the authenticity and integrity of the enterprise project data.

Completion management

Completion management is a process in which the contractor or the contractor organizes the acceptance of the completion of the contract in the light of the execution of the contract. With the characteristics of pertinence, variability, professionalism and systematicness, it is a complex and meticulous work. Through refining the core process of completion, and adopting the cooperation of construction, supervision, survey and design, the system realizes the coordination of completion acceptance process.

Delivery materials: the project legal person organization, delivery acceptance is the behavior of the project management agencies, to participate in the construction of the work of the unit to carry out a preliminary evaluation. The construction unit shall be responsible for the preparation and composition of the working documents. The construction contractor shall complete all the construction and installation projects undertaken by the construction contractor in accordance with the contents and requirements stipulated in the project contract, as well as the design documents and construction drawings, and after the transfer of the project, Within a specified period (typically three months), the original and duplicate of the technical documents bound into a volume will be filed with the construction unit. The construction unit shall organize the supervision unit, the project quality supervision agency and the relevant departments to complete the examination, signature and confirmation of the project within the agreed period (generally according to the month) after receiving the technical documents submitted to the project, And sign and handle the transfer formalities of the technical documents.

Acceptance and acceptance of completion: the completion acceptance committee and acceptance team composed of representatives of the relevant construction departments, management agencies, quality supervision agencies, and cost management agencies of the government shall carry out the completion acceptance inspection and acceptance committee, which is a government management act. It is the comprehensive evaluation of the project quality, construction units and construction projects, and the overall comprehensive evaluation of the project construction projects.

Completion statement: the completion statement, also known as the project completion statement, generally after the completion of a unit project or a single project and after acceptance by the construction unit and the relevant departments, The economic document proposed by the construction unit and approved by the construction unit in order to express the construction cost of the construction installation project of the project, and as the basis of the settlement project price; The approved amount of the completion statement shall be the final settlement price of the contract.

Asset consolidation

Justwin asset consolidation system, including pre-consolidation and formal conversion of two links.

The conversion of fixed assets of construction in progress is judged according to the degree of completion of the construction in progress. Generally speaking, after the completion of the initial inspection, the construction department temporarily estimates the delivery and submits it to the financial department for registration; After receiving a statement of assets for temporary valuation and delivery, the Finance Department shall make an out-of-account reference.

After the completion, the construction department formally delivered to the operation and maintenance department for asset confirmation. The operation and maintenance department checks the assets on the details of the delivered assets item by item. The assets are confirmed correctly and submitted to the finance department. If an error is confirmed, it will be sent back to the construction department for verification, and the verification will be completed and the asset reconciliation will be carried out again until it is correct. The financial department shall, according to the statement of contributions confirmed by the operation and maintenance department, apportion the value of the assets, and according to the final completion accounts and the statement of contributions, make a follow-up consolidation treatment, and after the conversion is completed, The "fixed assets increase notice" will be notified to the relevant departments by the finance department, and each department shall sign and keep the documents after receipt.

Post-evaluation management

For the basic content of the project post-evaluation work, the "project post-evaluation management method" formulated by the National

Development and Reform Commission has been clearly defined, including "the summary of the project implementation process: preliminary preparation, construction implementation, project operation, etc." Project effect evaluation: technical level, financial and economic benefits, social benefits, environmental benefits, etc. Evaluation of project objectives: the degree of realization of the objectives, gaps and reasons, sustainability, and so on. In Shanghai SASAC's Post-Project Assessment notice, it is also pointed out that "the comprehensive evaluation of the financial, economic, social and environmental benefits of the project" is carried out.

The post-contribution assessment management system is presented by the Department of Operations at the post-project evaluation plan (including post-evaluation objectives, responsibilities of participating departments and departments, completion time, etc.) after the project is centralized (typically within six months). Approval and approval, formally carry out post-project evaluation, professional departments, engineering departments are responsible for collecting, summarizing the professional product and services in the process of project development defects, potential problems and experience worthy of reference, to form a professional evaluation report.

International FIDIC Provision

His international engineering edition, and fully reference the FIDIC clause, and put forward by the PMI PMBOOK management practices, by means of mobile APP and Internet technology, the theory of modern project management, international construction management discipline, habits and international project management experts together the wisdom, overseas project is to improve enterprise management level, enhance the core competition overseas contractor engineering's right-hand man.

Product features:

English comparison;English version, simplified Chinese version, traditional version of the switch.

It fully meets the project management specifications of PMI (us standard) and IPMA (European standard), and can be widely used in North America, Europe and other countries and regions where EPC is conducted on the basis of FIDIC terms.

For EPC projects under non-fidic contracts, for Hong Kong, Macao, Asian, African, Latin American and Latin American assistance projects and eastern European projects, we support the replication of domestic project management mode to overseas projects and provide multi-language support.Fully meet the international engineering, international PMC bidding in the management of information requirements, can provide the United States standard, European standard international bidding team information solutions level requirements.

Overseas projects involve many laws, such as contract law, tort law, property law, company law, family law and commercial law in North America.Contract law is primarily state law, not federal law.However, since the main source of contract law is the common law or case law, the contract law of different states is much the same.In one case, an overseas project involved the following three major statutory laws: the Uniform commercial Code, Labor Law and Insurance Law.Although the subjects and objects of various types of contracts are different, the general principles of contract law can be applied. Therefore, for overseas projects, it is sufficient to meet the provisions of FIDIC.

Process Engine

Justwin workflow components can be conveniently combined with the audit, approval and review of each module to generate various business management systems that meet the needs of the enterprise. The most important feature of developing a project management system based on workflow technology is that the system has a high degree of flexibility, can quickly and flexibly configure various business processes according to the specific needs of the enterprise, and when the business process of the user changes, Reorganize quickly to meet customer needs.

Workflow management components can be used to define and execute business processes with different coverage (individual worker, department, enterprise (group), molecular company), different time span (minutes, hours, days, months). This depends entirely on the requirements of the actual application context. Depending on the business process and the complexity of the constituent activities, workflow management systems can be implemented in many ways, among which, The application of information technology, communication technology and support system structure will be very different. The actual operating environment of a workflow management system can be within a working group or in all business units across the enterprise.

Product Value

Strategic value

The model of "Internet +" in Justwin plays an important role in cultivating the core competitiveness of enterprises, and thus promotes the scientific, accurate and timely management and decision-making of enterprises. The means of "Internet + project management" is the only way to fine management of enterprise investment engineering. It can effectively promote the comprehensive, timely and dynamic development of enterprise investment project management, and ensure that fine management is not mere form. Therefore, at the national level, "Internet +" has risen to the level of "national strategy"; at the enterprise level, it is also a strategic issue.

The core of the application value of "Internet + project management" lies in giving full play to the technology and management effect of "Internet +", in order to reflect the rich application significance of tactics and strategy in enterprise management. Using Justwin's "Internet + Project Management" software to build a comprehensive "Internet +" platform around the management of investment engineering projects, The advantages of information technology and application will completely change the traditional mode of operation and management of construction enterprises from the strategic and tactical aspects.

At the tactical level, we should build a highly integrated and automated "Internet +" management platform that integrates business processes, business data, information resources, and business personnel, so as to achieve scientific management and comprehensive application at the basic information level. At the same time, the standard management and efficient operation are realized at the level of business operation.

At the strategic level, a highly intelligent and integrated management platform for integrating management system, organizational structure, management matrix, supply chain and enterprise strategy is constructed by using the "Internet +" method, and a standardized and rigorous organizational management system is established. To realize the consolidation and optimization of the business process, to realize the scientific statistical analysis of data, to realize the scientific strategic decision-making of the enterprise, to realize the overall management of the enterprise management and strategy, and to shape the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

Tactical value

Building a Multi-party Cooperation platform of Cloud Computing and big data. Adopt cloud computing and big data to build multi-party cooperation platform such as builders, designers, builders, supervisors, suppliers, etc.

Keep track of project flows through the APP cloud;

The "Internet +" model collaborates to integrate the management processes of project recruitment, contract, visa, design change, settlement, payment, capital and so on through the cloud.

According to big data's calculation mode, the real-time data of design, budget, recruitment and construction are compared and analyzed in real-time and budget, so as to improve the cost control level of the project.

Cloud computing as a means to achieve multi-project management and project cluster management based on big data;

The dynamic APP control is realized, the time limit and investment are predicted and adjusted rapidly, and the complex and changeable project investment process is changed into a controllable process. The ability of project tracking and control is more direct because of the improvement of information level;

Get the data support needed for decision-making in real-time by constructing text APP, SMS, WeChat, nail and so on.

Dynamic control of project cost

You can dynamically control the payment of funds.

Leaders can first-hand understand the contract execution process and results.It can dynamically control the construction status of each construction site.

Manage the project from a macro point of view, achieve effective control over the progress of the project and itemized records of the expenditure;

To meet the macro-overall analysis of the project by high-level leaders, to provide multi-level and multi-angle information, and to provide both macro-overall analysis of concern to high-level leaders and detailed information needed at the operational level, From the angle of planning and implementation, we can make all-round, magnifying glasses penetrating related inquiry on people, wealth, material, time and so on, so that we can grasp the usage of them in an all-round way.

Breaking down interdepartmental barriers and providing a "standard language of communication" for managers at all levels.

Can overcome problems caused by project personnel changes that lead to process disjunction and poor process implementation.

Data and information sharing, corporate culture and knowledge can be accumulated very well.

You can collaborate with your business.

Availability of materials, resources, etc.

Archiving of project document.

Message passing, information sharing.

Technical System

As a high-tech enterprise born in a central enterprise, Justwin software technology has powerful technical advantages and scientific research genes. Its technical direction is consistent: less investment, scalable, Internet-based, mobile application-based, secure, stable, untamper, reliable, mainstream. The technical system of this product is summarized as follows:

1. Infrastructure: adoption of a three-tiered distributed architecture;

2. Design methodology: ensure object-oriented design methods;

3. Front-end development: adoption of standard H5 technology to ensure cross-system, cross-platform;

4. Operation mode: adopt "Internet +" mode to ensure easy to use and easy to use;

5. Data analysis: big data collection, block chain distributed storage, cloud computing, target artificial intelligence.

Analysis of big data, Block chain, Cloud Computing and artificial Intelligence

As a new application mode, block chain has important application value in engineering industry. In recent years, block chain technology and applications are undergoing a rapid development process, and some engineering units have entered the practical stage and have set up their own block chain projects, both for their own research and development, or for cooperation with third parties. It is proved that the application prospect of block chain technology in engineering industry is very broad.

The block chain is a decentralized database, which, while protecting the confidentiality of the data of the government, enterprises and institutions, can also be open to all departments, projects and molecular companies for appropriate data analysis. These data based on the "block chain", using desensitization technology to ensure the privacy of the data, for privacy protection of the data open to provide a solution.

Data desensitization technology mainly uses hash processing and other encryption algorithms. For example, the group headquarters can confidently open the path of accessible project costs, progress, and jointly calculate the average cost and average profit of a project within a project cluster, and each project manager can be informed of his or her relative position in the project cluster. But nothing is known about the specific costs of other projects.

The Justwin software makes full use of the most cutting-edge IT technology in the world, uses the "engineering big data" to collect the basic data of the project, uses the "block chain" distributed deployment to securely store the massive data, and analyzes the data in the cloud computing. Finally, the goal of artificial intelligence in engineering industry is realized.

Three-tier distributed architecture

he software adopts a three-tiered distributed application model. The first layer is the user service layer, which is mainly for ordinary users, and can easily access the required resources through the unified interface of the browser. Thus, the consistency and integrity of the user interface are ensured. The middle layer is the business services layer, which is also the core of the three-tier architecture. The Business Services layer is a bridge between user services and data services. In this layer, the corresponding business rules are usually customized in the form of components to respond to user requests, interact with the data service layer, and feed back the required data to the user. This business rule is mainly reflected in the data collection, extraction, revision, validation and other functions, and through the Web and application server. The bottom layer is the database service layer. Data services include the definition of data, maintenance and update, and the management and corresponding business service layer of data requests. It is mainly implemented through a variety of database management systems, such as SQL Server and so on, and these databases can reside on any platform at the same time.

Adopt an object-oriented architecture so that each part of it can be designed, implemented, and tested independently. As a result, the impact and complexity of possible errors on the end product is greatly reduced. The design based on the three-layer architecture regards the whole Internet as a basic application platform, and the bottleneck of the management software in networking mode, communication efficiency, security and stability has been further solved from the basic platform.

Object-oriented design

The model has the ability to reuse components, data exchange based on extended markup language (XML), unified security mode and flexible transaction control, supports SOA architecture, has a unified and open service management system, and not only supports distributed applications, but also supports distributed applications. At the same time, there is a good ability of application integration for external systems. In order to integrate all kinds of legacy systems into new SOA applications, the application integration adaptation framework, service packaging, transformation, deployment and other adaptation tools are provided in accordance with the SOA architecture. It includes supporting the access, processing and exchange of heterogeneous, heterogeneous and remote data sources in the persistence layer, and supporting business process integration, business process reengineering, business process automation and business collaboration in the business logic layer. Interface integration and single sign-on are supported at the presentation layer in the form of Boss, thereby increasing the reuse rate of legacy enterprise applications, protecting existing investments, and generating new value added.

H5 Development Front-end Application

Front-end applications, using W3C standard H5 technology, can easily transplant the system to all kinds of open platforms, such as: Opera platform, Facebook application platform, etc., and can also be published to App Store or Google Play through encapsulated technology. Support the smooth operation of IOS, Android, Windows and other systems; H5 cross-platform, cross-system, truly achieve a design, universal application, to minimize the cost of design, development, deployment, upgrade.

"Internet +" operation mode

PC side, based entirely on the B S operation mode, only need to have a browser, can carry on the work. That is, users can work using desktop computers and a variety of handheld terminals, including wired and wireless terminals. The system can well support the group LAN (VLAN), SDH fiber network, VPN network, Internet access mode; support Internet users IE browser access through; support VPN users or dial-up VPN users connected to the IE browser access mode.

Mobile, supports APP operation, synchronously supports WeChat, pin on-line operation.